What is EAP?

What is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)?

  • Engaging, Active, and Effective. EAP sessions are designed to create metaphors to “real life.” This allows for metaphorical learning, as everything done with the horses is related to what is happening in their life.
  • For Everyone. Working with individuals, families, or groups, and with all ages, EAP provides powerful opportunities to get to the heart of the issues and lead to healthier communication, stronger partnerships, and happier relationships.
  • Grounded! All work with the horses is done on the ground; we do not include any mounted work. No prior knowledge of horses is necessary.
  • Professional Therapy. EAP involves a team incorporating the skills of a licensed mental health professional, an experienced equine specialist, and horse(s) working with you to successfully reach your goals.

Sessions are individually designed; they address prior identified mental health and human development issues quickly, directly, and effectively.

Due to its nature of being hands on, experiential learning offers the greatest likelihood for authentic participation.

Mission Statement: Ozarks Equine Therapy Center promotes the positive mental, social, and emotional growth of individuals living in the Ozarks by providing professional equine assisted psychotherapy and learning services.


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