Military Services

Recently, the news has been filled with reports on how the current medical and mental health infrastructure is unable to provide adequate care for our service members. According to the Department of Defense Task Force on Mental Health:

“The psychological health needs of service members, their families, and their survivors are daunting and growing. The evidence for this is substantial. Despite the suppressing effects of stigma, more than a third of active duty Soldiers and Marines self-report psychological health problems in the months following deployment, as do half of the members of the Reserve Component … Fully investing in prevention, early intervention, and effective treatment are responsibilities incumbent upon us as we endeavor to fulfill our obligation to our military service members.”

Our Solution: A program utilizing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)

  • Skill-building programs focusing on problem-solving, coping, and resilience.
  • Pre-deployment programs
  • Support programs for families of deployed warriors
  • Re-integration programs
  • Psychotherapy treatment for PTSD, substance abuse, domestic violence, suicide prevention, and depression/anxiety

Benefits: A treatment program which is hands-on and interactive has more appeal than the traditional office “talk therapy” and has fewer stigmas associated with it. The program effectively strengthens resilience characteristics and transitioning skills, and provides long-term treatment results with fewer sessions. Participation in these equine assisted activities makes this treatment modality more interesting and appealing, therefore increasing the probability of having a greater impact.

We are expecting the following outcomes:
There will be a significant decrease in-

  • Family and marital disintegration
  • Domestic violence
  • Alcoholism and substance abuse

There will be a significant increase in –

  • Smooth transitions from combat to civilian life
  • Increase in resilience
  • Effective coping and relationship skills
  • Healthy relationships and families

With EAP, clients have the opportunity to immediately practice and integrate new ways of being, because of the “in the moment” demands that interactions with the horses require. The work of EAP has the potential to create change in the moment, thereby reducing required time to achieve desired results.


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